Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013

After a short sailing season back in Madeira

As already hinted in the last post, back in June, we were not able to continue our annual tour of the azores, and our friends had to eventually continue on their own.

After spending several weeks in Ponta Delgada, the Taniwani crew had to leave and head home for some more serious medical treatments. Taniwani remained in the marina in Ponta Delgada, guarded by Thomas Dargel of Boat & Sail Service.

The changed plan for both, Beate and Harald to return to Taniwani in early September and sail back to Madeira also didn't work out quite as planned, so that in the end Harald and son Markus sailed, well mostly dieseled, Taniwani home to Madeira.

Just one day after arrival, Taniwani was lifted out and again berthed on the dry under the runway.

We are hopeful, that we will be able to report new sailing adventures in the next season, with a complete and healthy crew.