Samstag, 8. November 2014

Taniwani's adventures - last part 2014

This week Taniwani ended the 2014 Atlantic Islands roundtrip by being lifted out and stored again under the airport runway of Madeira. This years’s sailing season had been a month longer than usual, given that we joined the Ocean Cruising Club’s East Atlantic Rally in early August in Bayona.

As already reported, this 60 year anniversary Rally started with Alfredo Lagos’ bi-anual Rally Bayona and then continued on southwards along the Portuguese shore. Neither rally is really a rally, rather some leisurely sailing from event location to event location.

As always, Alfredo and family put a lot of effort into the event and so it was, aside from maybe not so perfect weather this year, as wonderful as the previous two Rally Bayona that we attended.

Following this, the OCC rally had stopovers, organised by the local port officers, in Porto, Lisbon, Lagos, Vila Real and Madeira. Between these stops, all boats were on their own, yet some met here and there, as the first set of events was separated more by time than distance. And so we made many new friends in the three months, while moving on to Madeira.

While the group enjoyed the events in Lisbon, we flew to Madeira for ten days, to meet up with old friends and Taniwani was waiting in the excellent Marina Parque des Nacioes.

Soon after our return to Lisbon, we sailed on to Lagos, with a nice stopover in Sines, a place we like to come back to.

For the leg from Faro to Madeira we were joined by Frank, who had flown in from Germany on limited time. We were lucky that the weather turned out ok and we could leave soon after Franks arrival. Given how untypical the weather had been all summer, this wasn’t necessarily a done deal. It still didn’t turn out normal, but ok to move on with partial help of the engine.

Our part finally ended in Madeira, where we started in early May, while the OCC rally moved on this week to the Canaries, with some planning to go on from there to the Cape Verdes. A small extract of pictures below, from Leixoes (Porto), to Duro valley, to Seixal on the Tejo, to Lisbon, Sines, Lagos, Faro, Vila Real and Madeira. Resolution in the blog is rather poor, more and better pictures can be found at the links below:

A bigger selection from this years round trip is at:

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